03-20-2012: THE BRAND


“Brand Strategy and Financial Performance, incompatibles goals?”

For most luxury clients luxury is first associated with superior quality, but it is also a “brand”. On emerging markets the brand is key in the clients’ choice, but it ranks high in the clients’ choice criteria in developed markets as well (results “World Luxury Tracking” 2010/2011). Thus the brand capital remains at the heart of corporation’s concerns in this sector; emotional capital behind a product purchase in many cases it is also a financial aset for the companies. How to balance all aspects of the concepts of brand while not losing sight of the specific time of luxury as the finest luxury brands also draw thier legitimacy from a long lasting history.

With: Mr. Alexis Karklins-Marchay – EMEIA Transformation Leader – Ernst & Young

Mr. Denis Gancel – President – W et Cie – Author of “Ecce Logo” 

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