2015-04-10 : THE DIGITAL STORE

No month is passing by without one or more reflections being proposed around this theme; yet in the luxury segment it is still very rare to find convincing examples of digital stores. Beyond communication, what should be the role of digital in luxury outlets, for what experience? How to integrate the dimensions of welcome and service that are key to luxury? What are the issues? How are conceived today the new luxury retail concepts?

With: Mr. Philippe Nobile – MD – Javelin Group France

Mr. Christophe Pradère – MD – BETC Design

Mr. Eric Carlson – Architect, Founder of CARBONDALE

Mr. Henri Danzin – Co-founder – Oyez

CR 10-04-15 (1.2 MiB)


In partnership with Lux by Fullsix, the Association proposed the fourth Luxury Trendwatch’s presentation of digital trends as they apply to luxury brands.

With: Mr. Xavier Tormes – Artistic Director – FullSix

06-27-2013: LUXURY TRENDWATCH #3


In partnership with FullSix, the third Luxury Trendwatch’s presentation offers two meetings per year to the Association’s members regarding the digital trends applied to luxury.

With: Mr. Xavier Tormes – Artistic Director – FullSix

The Luxury Trendwatch also welcomes a remarkable guest: Mr. Christophe Biget – Co-Director – iVentures Consulting, for the presentation of eShopper Index’s significant results, first study which analyses the online clients’ path Before, During and After the purchase.

12-07-2012: LUXURY TRENDWATCH #2

Digital Trendwatch’s presentation applied to luxury and launched in Februar.
This Luxury Trendwatch was worked in partnership with FullSix.

With: Mr. Jean-Guy Saulou – President – Fullsix France

Mr. Xavier Tormes – Creative Director – Fullsix France

Strictly reserved to the project’s members.