The “World Luxury Tracking” was launched in 2007 by the International Luxury Business Association and Ipsos. It is the first global observatory on luxury clients and analyzes 13 markets around the world.
It offers a dynamic overview on the evolution of expectations, attitudes and behaviors of luxury customers, and appears to be an essential tool for everyone who wishes to grasp a better understanding of the rapid evolutions to which the markets are subjected.
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The Luxury Trendwatch was launched in 2012 by the International Luxury Business Association with its partner Lux by Fullsix, a division of Fullsix, a leading digital communication agency. It is a project which aims at filtering, organizing and giving a meaning to all marketing ideas, trends and concepts coming from new technologies, increasingly diverse medias and different types of businesses and regions of the world which may inspire luxury professionals in order to define innovative marketing and communication strategies.
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The ‘Luxury Outlook‘is an annual conference organized by the International Luxury Business Association along with its partners Ipsos and the BBC. It has become a must go event for luxury professionals. The Luxury Outlook 5th edition was held in Paris on March 20, 2014 and was entitled ‘Luxury 2025