The “World Luxury Tracking” – 2010 Edition



The Worldwide Observatory on Luxury Clients
2nd edition emerging markets

Successfully launched in 2007, The World Luxury Tracking is the first worldwide observatory on luxury clients thoroughly analyzing a group of markets every other year. In 2007, the first wave surveyed developed markets while in 2008 developing markets were scrutinized.In 2010, Ipsos Marketing and the International Luxury Business Association propose to renew the analysis on emerging markets (China,India, South Korea, HK, Russia, Mexico, Brazil), keeping methodology and questionnaires similar to those used in 2008.

In the current situation, this new edition will allow to analyze markets evolutions based upon very rich and complete historical data and to answer the luxury professionals’ key questions:

Which are the major changes that can be observed?
Did consumption patterns significantly change?
How are luxury brands doing in the current situation?

New in 2009, and kept for the 2010 edition, a specific part devoted to the crisis, in order to better evaluate its impact on values attached to luxury as well as on its consumption.

How does the current recession affect consumers’ attitudes?
What are the consequences for luxury brands (awareness, purchase, “luxuriousness”)?
What kind of action should brands undertake?


– Survey in suscription
– Countries covered: China,India, South Korea, HK, Russia, Mexico, Brazil
– Representative sample top revenues (top 2% of the population to top 30% according to the markets).
– On-line or face to face surveys depending on the markets.

Categories covered
– fragrance/cosmetics; fashion/accessories (handbags, glasses etc.); wine/spirits; writing instruments/small leather goods; watches/jewellery


– Suscription open until May 2010   


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