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Since the beginning of this year, much has been said or written about the state luxury industry and in many instances, one can find contradictory information.

Among other projects, the International Luxury Business Association initiated in 2007 a partnership with Ipsos in order to launch the first worldwide observatory on luxury clients: “The World Luxury Tracking”. This unique project enables marketers to better understand what drives luxury consumption in major markets as well as to measure the evolution of consumers’ expectations, attitudes and behaviours over time. In 2009, thanks to Boston Consulting Group collaboration, we add another dimension to our analysis with the objective to better assess luxury markets.

At a time when it is crucial to grasp a real understanding of the issues at stake for this business, The International Luxury Business Association and its partners, Ipsos and Boston Consulting Group, invite you to join them for a full morning conference and discussions.


Non-member companies may access this conference by paying a registration fee. Members just need to register as usually.To learn more about the program, download the following document,

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