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2015-02-06: THE NEW DEAL FOR PR

With the advent of digital media, communication campaigns have changed in nature. If corporate campaigns (print, TV,…) remain, they are now complemented by the creation of contents broadcasted on the internet, providing consumers with richer and more comprehensive brands’ story telling than before. In this context, and with a panorama of very diverse media what have become public / press relations, what is their role?

With: Mrs. Marion Darrieutort – President – Elan-Edelman Agency

Summary 2015-02-06 (639.3 KiB)


In partnership with Lux by Fullsix, the Association proposed the fourth Luxury Trendwatch’s presentation of digital trends as they apply to luxury brands.

With: Mr. Xavier Tormes – Artistic Director – FullSix

06-27-2013: LUXURY TRENDWATCH #3


In partnership with FullSix, the third Luxury Trendwatch’s presentation offers two meetings per year to the Association’s members regarding the digital trends applied to luxury.

With: Mr. Xavier Tormes – Artistic Director – FullSix

The Luxury Trendwatch also welcomes a remarkable guest: Mr. Christophe Biget – Co-Director – iVentures Consulting, for the presentation of eShopper Index’s significant results, first study which analyses the online clients’ path Before, During and After the purchase.

12-07-2012: LUXURY TRENDWATCH #2

Digital Trendwatch’s presentation applied to luxury and launched in Februar.
This Luxury Trendwatch was worked in partnership with FullSix.

With: Mr. Jean-Guy Saulou – President – Fullsix France

Mr. Xavier Tormes – Creative Director – Fullsix France

Strictly reserved to the project’s members.