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03-31-16: The end of the Asian Luxury Eldorado?

For many years Asia and Asian clients have been driving the luxury industry’s growth. But since 2013, China’s economy is experiencing upheavals that have been affecting this sector. Is it possible to anticipate changes in the Chinese economy in the medium term? To what extent the slowdown in Chinese economic growth does affect the regional economy? What are the challenges created by this new situation and what are the consequences for the luxury industry globally? How to seduce and better cater at increasingly mobile Chinese clients? Are Chinese customers tired of luxury? Are European brands challenged by domestic, regional or international luxury brands?… These are some of the key issues professionals are facing and that the conference has been addressing with the contribution of leading experts in their respective fields.

With: Mrs Isabelle Capron – Vice President – Icicle Shanghai Fashion Group

Mrs Françoise Hernaez-Fourrier – Strategic Planning Director – Ipsos

Mr Olivier Abtan – Managing Director & Partner – The Boston Consulting Group

Mr Olivier Garnier – Chief Economist – Société Générale Group

Mr Philippe Périé – Chief DAta Officer – Ipsos

Mr Roth Lai – Deputy Editorial Director– Elle China

Mr Olivier Schaeffer – Global COO – Sephora

Mr Ivan Tong – Chairman – Sparkle Roll

Mr Frank Wu – CEO – TTF Haute-Joaillerie

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2015-05-29: Luxury in North-Asia – Focus on South-Korea

Geographically located between China and Japan, South Korea seems to be culturally closer to Japan than China. However, with growth rates between 3 and 4% in recent years, it is closer to the Chinese dynamism while its Japanese neighbor is still struggling to emerge from 20 years of economic crisis … How can the South Korean dynamism be explained and what are the perspectives for this market and its neighbors? What kind of relationship do Koreans have to luxury? Can it be compared to one or other of its larger neighbors? A parallel view of three key Asian markets.

With: Mrs. Catherine Jubin – Founder – The International Luxury Business Association

Mr. Emmanuel Lincot – Vice-Dean at the Catholic Institute of Paris, in charge of International Relations. Chief Editor of the journal ‘China World New Asia’ (Choiseul Institute – Paris)

10-03-2014: CONFERENCE – Luxury in the Middle-East

On October 3, 2014, the International Luxury Business Association organized a conference conference aiming at providing a better understanding of these markets and Middle Eastern customers as well as raising key questions that luxury brands are facing on these markets..

With: Ms Laurence Louër – Research fellow at Sciences-Po – Middle-East expert

Mr Rémy Oudghiri – Head of the Trends & Insights department – Luxury expert – Ipsos

Ms Marie-Hélène Straus – General Manager Strategy & Innovation – Chalhoub Group

Mr Julien Hawari – Co-CEO – MediaquestCorp

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Since 2008 Europe has plunged into what is now called the “debt crisis”. Drastic cuts in public spending, fall of domestic consumption, recession… It is hard to evaluate when and how this crisis will come to an end. Hence, it is only logical to wonder who the remaining luxury clients in Europe are and to propose a cluster analysis of these clients.

With: Mr. Rémy Oudghiri – Trends Department Director – Luxury Specialist – Ipsos

Mrs. Céline Dausque – Commercial Director – eCommera

Mr. François-Xavier Poëls – CEO – Approche sur Mesure

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