Towards No Gender?

Towards no gender

Since the historical feminist movements, the legitimate women’s claim towards more equality has evolved. Gender theory arose and Western societies have gradually undergone rather profound changes, not always smoothly, as evidenced by the huge demonstrations in France when the law on Gay marriage was debated.

The concepts of family and couple have evolved, questioning gender roles and making again the news headlines in recent months. The effect of these changes is becoming more and more visible, fashion and luxury being impacted as well: mixed fashion shows, Selfridges A-Gender department, etc. Opportunistic use for the purpose of business? Trend doomed to remain marginal or deep upheaval of societies? In what? Will it lead corporations to rethink their strategies and their brands offer? What will be the consequences?

On 4 December 2015, the International Luxury Business Association is organizing a conference aiming at opening a debate on this phenomenon.