During the last decade, the spread of hedonistic values and the emergence of the so-called “collaborative” economy have introduced a new model of luxury consumption. For some, the experience of luxury has become more important than the actual ownership of luxury goods, a value of the past. From the trend of the “luxury experience” in such places as spas to the rental of luxury products, a new mindset emerged that places pleasure at the heart of luxury consumption.

Yet the crisis in mature markets as well as the rise of Asian clients has changed the picture. As soon as one looks at consumer behavior, we see that the concept of possession has never been as valued as today. What explains this renewed interest in the possession of high-end goods? Is there a difference between emerging and mature markets? Should we continue to oppose experience and possession in the era of collaborative economy?

With: Mrs. Catherine Jubin – Founder – The International Luxury Business Association

Mr. Rémy Oudghiri – Head of the Trends & Insights Department – Ipsos Public Affairs

Mrs. Pénélope Blanckaert – Vintage Fashion Expert – Founder of “PB Fashion Expert”

Mrs. Stéphanie De Bruijn – Perfumer – Founder of  “Parfum sur Mesure”

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