A not to be missed event for Luxury professionals, the Luxury-Outlook conference is organized by the International Luxury Business Association in partnership with the BBC, Ipsos and Boston Consulting Group and provides a full morning reflection on a topic making the headlines of the luxury business news. The 6th edition of this conference will be held in Paris on March 31st, 2016.

For many years Asia and Asian clients have been driving the luxury industry’s growth. But since 2013, China’s economy is experiencing upheavals that have been affecting this sector. Is it possible to anticipate changes in the Chinese economy in the medium term? To what extent the slowdown in Chinese economic growth does affect the regional economy? What are the challenges created by this new situation and what are the consequences for the luxury industry globally? Is the state of the Chinese economy the sole factor explaining difficulties faced on some industry segments or by some brands? How to seduce and better cater at increasingly mobile Chinese clients? Are Chinese customers tired of luxury? Are European brands challenged by domestic, regional or international luxury brands? Are there other regional markets that may take over?…. These are some of the key issues professionals are facing and that the conference will be addressing with the contribution of leading experts in their respective fields.

To learn more about this event : www.luxury-outlook.com